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Pr. Henri Joyeux and Frank Poirier

(Éditions du Rocher, 236 pages, 2019)

The Olive Tree Cure brings to light the extraordinary health virtues of a Mediterranean treasure.

It is common knowledge that the olive fruit, which produces the oil, helps improve the digestive system and prevent coronary disease. It affects the nervous and reproductive systems and, on a broader level, immunity and longevity. But we are less aware of the benefits of the olive tree’s leaves and bark. Health expert and oncologist Pr. Henri Joyeux and olive crop grower Frank Poirier are filling the knowledge gap.

This practical book dives into the history and life of an extraordinary tree to decrypt the world of olive growing, from the large industrial monocultures to farmers respectful of the soil and a thousand-year-old olive growing heritage.

The Olive Tree Cure is also a guide on how to best integrate the benefits of the olive into our daily lives; how to choose the olive oil, how to enjoy it, and how to use it in the kitchen with simple and delicious recipes that will transform your meal into a burst of flavor and health.

Henri Joyeux is a surgeon and oncologist, now retired. He has published extensively on human ecology, related in particular to eating habits. He gives speeches and conferences around the world. As a best-selling author, his work has been translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Russian, Turkish, and Polish.

Frank Poirier is an olive grower based in Hautes-Corbières, a region in the southeast of France.