The Chimera Brigade

Translated by Edward Gauvin

Available from Titan publishing 

During World War II, an elite band of superhumans rise to power and take control of the capital cities of Europe in this remarkable alternate history story.

Amidst the turmoil of the First World War, a new breed of superhuman is born as a result of illegal chemical weapons. While some members of this unique new class of society choose to fight against injustice, others use their extraordinary capabilities to spread terror. However, something far more powerful is lurking on the horizon, a threat that could erase them from existence for good.


Fabrice Colin is a scriptwriter and author of novels, short stories, plays for radio, and screenplays for graphic novels, of which his graphic novel for children, CYBERPAN, won Le Grand Prix de L'imaginaire.

Serge Lehman is a scriptwriter and author of numerous novels and short stories. He is also a winner of le Grand prix de l'Imaginaire as well as the Prix Rosny Aîné.

Fabrice Gess is a cartoonist who draws for a variety of science fiction and detective serials, including Carmen McCallum.

Céline Bessonneau is an illustrator who has previously worked with Fabrice Colin and Boris Beuzeulin on Nowhere Island.