A roundup of recent sales

Parisa Reza's Les jardins de consolation (Gallimard 2015), a novel that follows an Iranian family during the years 1920-1953, has been sold to Europa Editions.

Wilfriend N'Sonde's Berlinoise (Actes Sud 2015) will be published by Indiana University Press, who acquired three of N'Sonde's previous books in 2014.

Les jardiniers, a book of short stories by Veronique Bizot (Actes Sud 2008), will be published by Dialogos, an imprint of Lavender Ink

Dialogos will also publish Francois Bon's Daewoo (Fayard 2006), a social novel about factory workers in Lorraine.

Inner Traditions has acquired another Claude Lecouteux title, Le livre des guerisons et des protections magiques (Imago 2016).

Two more Pascal Garnier titles, La solution esquimau and Trop pres du bord (Zulma 2006 and 2013, respectively) have been sold to Gallic Books, who have already published eight of Garnier's books in English. 

Maryse Conde's Mets et merveilles (JC Lattes 2015), which brings together literature and cuisine, will be published by Seagull Books

Pascale Pujol's Petits plats de resistance (Le Dilettante 2015), a culinary romp set in Montmartre, was sold to Europa Editions

Arsenal Pulp will publish Marcelino Truong's Une si jolie petite guerre (Denoel 2012), a graphic novel set during the Vietnam War. 

Apres la grande guerre (EHESS 2014), an exploration of how WWI transformed the lives of Native Americans written by Thomas Grillot, was sold to Yale University Press

Annie Ernaux's Les annees (Gallimard 2008) will be published by Seven Stories. Upon its publication in France, it  received le prix Marguerite-Duras, le prix Francois-Mauriac et le prix de la langue francaise. 

And another Julia Kristeva title, L'horloge enchantee (Fayard 2015) has been sold to Columbia University Press, who have already published close to 30 of Kristeva's works.