Blas de Robles to Open Letter

Open Letter Books bought World English rights to L'Ile du point Némo by Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès from Editions Zulma. Blas de Robles is the author of Là où les tigres sont chez eux, published in English as Where the Tigers Are at Home by Dedalus in the UK and Other Press in the US. His books have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Arabic (Egypt), and Korean.

L'Ile du point Némo is a rollicking adventure exploring the past, the future, and the limits of popular narrative, technology, and human imagination. Blas de Roblès crafts a multi-layered adventure that revels in its literary sources. With rich metaphor and astonishing lexical precision, the text explores the constraints of word play and language itself. Joyce, Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Burroughs, Farmer and William Gibson are invited to the feast.