The English language rights of:

Michel Eltchaninoff's Dans la tete de Marine Le Pen (Actes Sud) sold to HURST UK.

Anna Gavalda's Fendre l'armure (Le Dilettante), Amelie Nothomb's Frappe toi le coeur and Eric-Emmnauel Schmitt's La vengeance du pardon (both Albin Michel) sold to EUROPA

Yasmina Ghata's J'ai longtemps eu peur de la nuit (Robert Laffont) and Lyonel Trouillot's Kannjawou (Actes Sud) sold to SCHAFFNER PRESS

Christopher Vasey's Sucre et sante (Jouvence) sold to INNER TRADITIONS


Arsenal Pulp Press has acquired the English language rights to Patrick Saint-Paul Le peuple des rats, published in 2016 by Editions Grasset & Fasquelle.

An in-depth investigation of Chinese migrant workers, living underground in Beijing.

Saint-Paul spent two years living among them, sharing their lives.

Two prizewinners sold

We're pleased to officially announce that two of our prizewinning books of 2015, Mathias Enard's Boussole and Boualem Sansal's 2084, have been sold and are forthcoming in English.

Boussole, which was awarded the prestigious Prix Goncourt 2015, focuses on the transformation of Western art and music in the nineteenth century through the characters of pretentious musicologist Franz Ritter and his great love, the fiercely intelligent Orientalist Sarah. It was published in France by Actes Sud and will be published in English by New Directions



Boualem Sansal's 2084 won the Grand Prix du roman de l'Academie francaise 2015. Sansal describes the totalitarian regime of a fictional country, Abistan, where religion is law and history barely exists. It was published in France by Gallimard and will be published in English by Europa Editions

A roundup of recent sales

Parisa Reza's Les jardins de consolation (Gallimard 2015), a novel that follows an Iranian family during the years 1920-1953, has been sold to Europa Editions.

Wilfriend N'Sonde's Berlinoise (Actes Sud 2015) will be published by Indiana University Press, who acquired three of N'Sonde's previous books in 2014.

Les jardiniers, a book of short stories by Veronique Bizot (Actes Sud 2008), will be published by Dialogos, an imprint of Lavender Ink

Dialogos will also publish Francois Bon's Daewoo (Fayard 2006), a social novel about factory workers in Lorraine.

Inner Traditions has acquired another Claude Lecouteux title, Le livre des guerisons et des protections magiques (Imago 2016).

Two more Pascal Garnier titles, La solution esquimau and Trop pres du bord (Zulma 2006 and 2013, respectively) have been sold to Gallic Books, who have already published eight of Garnier's books in English. 

Maryse Conde's Mets et merveilles (JC Lattes 2015), which brings together literature and cuisine, will be published by Seagull Books

Pascale Pujol's Petits plats de resistance (Le Dilettante 2015), a culinary romp set in Montmartre, was sold to Europa Editions

Arsenal Pulp will publish Marcelino Truong's Une si jolie petite guerre (Denoel 2012), a graphic novel set during the Vietnam War. 

Apres la grande guerre (EHESS 2014), an exploration of how WWI transformed the lives of Native Americans written by Thomas Grillot, was sold to Yale University Press

Annie Ernaux's Les annees (Gallimard 2008) will be published by Seven Stories. Upon its publication in France, it  received le prix Marguerite-Duras, le prix Francois-Mauriac et le prix de la langue francaise. 

And another Julia Kristeva title, L'horloge enchantee (Fayard 2015) has been sold to Columbia University Press, who have already published close to 30 of Kristeva's works. 

Skyhorse to publish Les evapores du Japon

Les évaporés du Japon, a study of the 100,000 mysterious "evaporated" Japanese people who go missing each year due to shame or dishonor, will be published in English by Skyhorse. It was written by journalist Léna Mauger, with photos by Stéphane Remael and was first published in French in 2014 by Les Arènes. 

Another Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt title to Europa

The English-language rights to Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's 2013 novel Les perroquets de la place d'Arezzo, published by Albin Michel, have been acquired by Europa Press. Europa has previously published five other books and short story collections by Schmitt, most recently Invisible Love. 

Les perroquets de la place d'Arezzo is an encyclopedia of love that takes place in an elegant neighborhood of Brussels and centers around an anonymous letter. 

Rights for Jean Vanier biography to Ignatius

Ignatius Press has acquired the rights to Jean Vanier: Portrait of a Free Man, written by Anne-Sophie Constant and published by Albin Michel in 2014.

Anne-Sophie Constant, a doctor and associate professor of literary classics, is a longtime personal friend of Jean Vanier, a Canadian Catholic theologian and humanitarian, considered by many to be a living saint. Fifty years ago, Vanier founded L'Arche, an organization that creates communities for disabled and non-disabled people to support and learn from each other. 

Skyhorse to publish La sagesse du petit prince

Skyhorse Publishing has purchased the rights to Pierre Lassus' La sagesse du Petit Prince: A la recherche de l'enfant perdu, published in 2014 by Albin Michel

La sagesse du Petit Prince is a biography of Antoine Saint-Exupéry, author of the beloved children's book The Little Prince, written by child psychologist Pierre Lassus. 

An excerpt of Travesti published in the Brooklyn Rail

An excerpt from David Dumortier's Travesti, published by Le Dilettante in 2012, appeared in the April 2015 issue of The Brooklyn Rail. Travesti tells the story of cross-dressing poet David, who becomes Sophia at night; it is based on the life of the author.

"Of course, no one wakes up one day and chooses to be a poet, much less a transvestite..."

Read the excerpt here

Cent vingt et un jours to Deep Vellum

Cent vingt et un jours, the first novel of writer, mathematician, and professor Michèle Audin, will be published in English by Deep Vellum. Audin is a member of Oulipo (which stands for "Ouvroir de littérature potentielle" or "The Workshop of Potential Literature"), a group of writers and mathematicians who use logical or mathematical constraints in order to unlock new realms of literary creativity. 

Cent vingt et un jours was published by Gallimard in 2014 and is the recipient of the French Voices Award. 

Rougier to Princeton UP

Princeton University Press will published Bernard Rougier's book, L'oumma en fragments: L'enjeu de l'islam sunnite au Levant (Presses Universitaires de France, 2011) as The Sunni Tragedy in the Middle East: Northern Lebanon from al-Qaeda to ISIS. Rougier is also the author of Everyday Jihad: The Rise of Militant Islam among Palestinians in Lebanon (Harvard University Press, 2007),



Blas de Robles to Open Letter

Open Letter Books bought World English rights to L'Ile du point Némo by Jean-Marie Blas de Roblès from Editions Zulma. Blas de Robles is the author of Là où les tigres sont chez eux, published in English as Where the Tigers Are at Home by Dedalus in the UK and Other Press in the US. His books have been translated into German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Romanian, Portuguese (Brazil), Czech, Polish, Greek, Croatian, Arabic (Egypt), and Korean.

L'Ile du point Némo is a rollicking adventure exploring the past, the future, and the limits of popular narrative, technology, and human imagination. Blas de Roblès crafts a multi-layered adventure that revels in its literary sources. With rich metaphor and astonishing lexical precision, the text explores the constraints of word play and language itself. Joyce, Bradbury, Philip K. Dick, Burroughs, Farmer and William Gibson are invited to the feast.