Couple Mechanics reviewed in The Economist

The Economist reviews Nelly Alard's Couple Mechanics, out this month from Other Press.

There is “an element of will in love”, writes Nelly Alard in “Couple Mechanics”, the new English translation of her award-winning novel “Moment d’un Couple”. Every relationship forces couples to “decide to love, to keep on loving, or to stop loving.” Such negotiations are invariably tricky, as Ms Alard shows in this elegant and gripping tale about a marriage on the rocks...Ms Alard tells this tale with admirable restraint... “Couple Mechanics” shies away from melodrama. Instead, it offers a keen look at the work of love at that point—tough for everyone—when passion must be replaced by will.

Couple Mechanics was originally published by Gallimard in 2013 as Moment d'un couple. It was translated into English by Adriana Hunter.