New York Times Reviews "The Meursault Investigation"

The International New York Times published a review of Kamel Daoud's "The Meursault Investigation."

"...the book we hold in our hands is a revisiting of the events in “The Stranger” — depicted from the perspective of the brother of the man shot and killed by Meursault one hot day on the beach in Algiers. 

This is not just a clever, playful conceit. As executed by the gifted Mr. Daoud, an Algerian journalist, it provides the architecture for an intricately layered tale that not only makes us reassess Camus’s novel but also nudges us into a contemplation of Algeria’s history and current religious politics; colonialism and postcolonialism; and the ways in which language and perspective can radically alter a seemingly simple story and the social and philosophical shadows it casts backward and forward."

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