Shelf Awareness reviews Our Lady of the Nile

Today's Shelf Awareness features a review of Our Lady of the Nile by Scholastique Mukasonga, a novel inspired by her experiences in her native Rwanda in the decade leading up the devastating genocide. 

She'll be arriving on a US book tour soon, with events in San Francisco, Berkeley, and New York.

"Despite the serious setting, Mukasonga proves to be a playful author, and a chuckling good humor pervades the book. Her deliciously limpid, melodious style makes Rwandan daily life vividly accessible. Our Lady of the Nile offers a total immersion in a way of life--with its own customs and morality--through a handful of comical and compelling schoolgirls swept up in the divisive politics of a nation. Mukasonga expertly draws together all her threads and stories in the climactic sequences to create a skillfully orchestrated vision, both loving and fearful, of her beloved homeland ripped apart by vicious racial hatred." --Shelf Awareness